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I have always loved reading since I was a kid. I read from magazines for kids, storybooks, and any other books that I could find in my friend’s house, my mom’s friend’s house, my dentist’s clinic, and my cousin’s bathroom. My love for reading expanded to love for writing. In truth, I never had much chance to write when I was younger because I had so much things to do in school and I regret that because I was not able to hone my skill and passion in that. So, I am just going to give a simple tip to you guys: if you have a passion, do not waste a second. Think, plan, and act.

I was born and bred in a countryside where during my teenage years, I did not embrace much of technology. I know just enough to type in papers to submit and play solitaire. So, when I went to college, I was awestruck of how technology gives convenience, comfort, and the like. This was the time when I heard the word- blogging.

I searched about it and I learned from my inexpert research was that blogging is all about writing whatever you want the world to know and post it over the internet and many people worldwide can read that. So, I thought, “Oh! What a perfect thing!” it was just one thing that I know about blogging and nothing much. Perhaps because I was not that well-informed on the proper ways of researching. I became so busy focusing on my academics, so I set aside my desire for blogging.

A year ago, my laptop was stolen from me where I saved all my private write-ups. I was really upset. I could use those write-ups for my future blogs. Then my mind thought of blogging again. So, months ago, I signed up for a free blogging site. I found WordPress.com.

Actually, right at this moment, I still do not have an idea on how to go about blogging. I read a blog on how to start a blog on http://www.dumblittleman.com. It said that it is better to get your own domain as soon as possible. But this, I do not think that I abide by that suggestion. I am still discovering this new world. So I will just study first the ins and outs of blogging via a free domain. Thanks to WordPress!

Yes, I am having doubts if i can sustain this, especially that I have a full time job and I am on my way to getting my Master’s degree. But I believe that, if you have passion on something and you commit yourself to it, the everything will be possible. I just need encouragement from my audience. By the way, I welcome constructive criticisms.

My blog site @soulinsurreal will include the joy and pain, smile and tears in the world. I will include both prose and poetry which are my avenues in letting the world know the unveiled truths in life. But most importantly, I will show you on how to live life. Because life has two faces- beautiful and ugly. Now, it is our choice on where to take side. Living life depends on how we live it.

Have a well-lived life everyone!

P.S. I will tell you more on my journey on blogging- starting from scratch, on my next posts. Thank you!