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Photo taken from middlemojo.com

I stare blankly at my laptop screen. My eyes are bloodshot as I have just gotten from a nap, which is actually a long nap, so to speak. I rummage through tons of tabs. Then I pause. I hear noise from outside. It is 4PM so I ignore and I hear a much louder noise, like a foot stomping the ground. But still, I ignore. I do not have time to find what on earth is that and I do not care. I pause for a moment, close my eyes and…. holy cow!

I remember I still have to pay some bills, and I have to do that now because I do not have time tomorrow for I will still get to finish my task as a freelance writer, and then I have to go to work, and when I get home, I still have to find a part time job over the internet, and Oh! yeah! the awful TRAFFIC! Oh wait, that’s long. I am out of breath. I should rephrase and put proper punctuation, but I dot have time. I go to my room. I stare at the mirror. I probably just go and pay my bills like this. But I do not have time to prep myself up. I feel thirsty, but I do have time. I still have to get my purse and lock the door. I go outside. It rains and it pours! I have to let this rain pass. But I do not have time for waiting, so I go back inside and shut the door. I open my computer, I see a beautiful picture courtesy by Windows 10. It is so beautiful, but I do not have time. I do not have time for art appreciation. I log in my blog account with a free domain, of which I am writing now. I write this post. I hear a much louder noise now. Oh! wait! The rain stops, I do not have time, so I publish.

P.S. The tense of this post is generally simple present. I act on the present because past and future all start from the present-NOW. I believe that we all have much time, we just have to manage it responsibly. But this, I still have to learn. My time is running and I do not have time to chase it. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock says the clock!