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Photo taken from http://www.goeringo.com

Two years ago typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) hit the Philippines, killed lives and destroyed properties. It broke many hearts and shattered big dreams. It crept one night of November 2013, when people were sound asleep, wishing typhoon Yolanda would stop howling. But Yolanda never did. Yolanda was a bully. It was a a monster. It grew stronger until a storm surge devoured our world. It covered our world with fear, hunger, thirst, and hopelessness.

Fear enveloped the country after the storm. Many people were homeless and had to endure the cold temperature as they were soaked up. Many people were hungry because they did not have enough food to survive the days. Many people were thirsty for they were all drowned by the salty water caused by the surge. They were left with the smallest hope that they could. Some, even questioned their faith. Yolanda made them handicapped. Their senses were taken away from them. They were desperate finding refuge. They were tired, but they continued to survive. They were wounded, but they continued to endure. Tears fell, but they tried to smile. Their souls were broken, but they continued to live. Simply because, they are FILIPINOS and so they endured. They are strong- stronger than any typhoons, even a super typhoon like Yolanda.

The whole world took a stand and stood united. Many organizations and countries helped the Philippines by giving out food, water, shelter, medicine, clothes, and even transportation and lines of communication. The Philippines, until now, is thankful of the goodness that humanity offered during the dark nights and cold days for the Filipinos. Many relief goods were distributed despite the adversity in the transportation because many roads were not passable. The concern of the world itself was enough. The support of the people around the world was overwhelming. The world has given the Philippines love, faith, and hope.

Now, another typhoon has hit the Philippines. Tonight, as I am writing this, I am hearing the growl of Typhoon Nona. It is still in the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) which means that the typhoon is still in the Philippines and is trying to break the Filipino’s heart again. Two days ago, it was around the area of Northern Samar, and yesterday Nona made a landfall in the same place. Again, it destroyed many properties (but, not as much as Yolanda did, and this, we should be grateful). In fact, the newly-built mall was also devastated by the typhoon. Communications are still down, and I haven’t been able to reach and contact my family there. Roads are not passable and casualties are tallied.  I leave all my worries to God and pray that they are okay.

Now, it is hitting Luzon and the rain has not stopped yet. Luzon is an urban place, and that, it is prone to flooding which is one the things that killed lives during the past typhoons that hit the country. I am not certain yet when this typhoon will end. I am praying that everyone is safe tonight. I have so much to write about what Filipinos at home and the homeless ones think and feel right now, but my heart can’t bear thinking of the tears and worries for their lives that Filipinos have in their hearts and minds. I can’t bring myself to imagine people screaming for help and rescue. I can’t bring myself to imagine people shivering and crying. This is heartbreaking. This is soul-tearing, like a paper crumpled, worse… a torn one.

But, we have to keep our hope high. After all, this is all what we need to survive. The Philippines has faced many storms and calamities, and so i believe that we will always endure and be resilient. Life is indeed full of storm and whatnot. All we need to do is to fight against it and continue surviving and most importantly continue living.


Thank you for your prayers.

-Soul in Surreal