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Photo taken from http://www.mb.com.ph

A couple of months ago, Christmas lights were lit, Christmas trees were built, Christmas carols were sung, and  presents were wrapped. Nine more days to go before Christmas, and typhoon Nona hit the Philippines, and once again, it left devastated hearts. It ripped Christmas cards that have long been written and kissed; it tore the trees that have long been built; it destroyed Christmas holiday that have long been planned and cherished. Couple of months before Christmas, every Filipino’s heart was dancing the beat and singing the song of excitement. But typhoon Nona, the Scrooge acted selfishly and broke everyone’s heart. She is a Scrooge and she wanted everyone to suffer. One week before Christmas, she passed by and left everyone devastated.


This is a school left by typhoon Nona roofless (photo taken from LGU Pambujan Northern Samar)

The picture above shows destroyed rooms in a public school in Pambujan, Northern Samar, Philippines. This is just very few of the many school destroyed by typhoon Nona. I know, students are all ready for their Christmas Party this coming week. I know how they struggled to make their Christmas trees which made their classrooms cheerful only for Nona to rip them. I know all these children wore smile on their faces prior to Nona the Scrooge. And I know children are frustrated right now, for they can’t have the joyful feeling that they expected in this Christmas holiday.

Power and communication lines are down.

As of the moment, there is no electricity yet all over Northern Samar. Communication is limited. Some towns do not have any means of communication. They have to travel to other towns just to communicate to their relatives from outside the province. I was not there for I am living in the metro. So, I was terrified and shaking when I was not able to contact my mom and siblings in Northern Samar. No one far from there knew what happened to them, and so we were so worried. The ghost of typhoon Nona even visited our dreams because of too much anxiety.

Trees were uprooted

Strong winds uprooted mo



The above photos are taken from the Facebook page of LGU Pambujan https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.856948761090429.1073741849.790125854439387&type=3

One week before Christmas, typhoon Nona, with clenched fist, visited our country. Many towns and provinces were destroyed. One week before Christmas, many families are homeless and have scarce amount of food. One week before Christmas, many children have hungry stomachs. Yes, one week before Christmas, Nona took the festivity of Christmas, yet no matter how she grits her teeth, people will still stand up and move on. Let the stars be their Christmas lights. Let the uprooted trees be the Christmas trees. Let a mother’s humming and crickets’ chirping be the Christmas carol. Let this adversity be the center of why we celebrate Christmas. Let God embrace His people. Typhoon Nona, the Scrooge, hates Christmas, but we don’t.

-Soul in Surreal