Photo taken from http://www.etsy.com

This poem is dedicated to the families whose hearts are broken by Typhoon Nona (international name Melor) which hit the Philippines one week before Christmas.

She knocked, the door flew open.

Welcomed by the warm smile, she chose to be seated.

She was offered a meal, she got it open-handed.

She was offered a bed, she slept and dreamed sin.


The next day, she felt sick and beaten.

She got out of her  den and found the family festive

She went to the kitchen and found the knife laying even.

She took it and had it on Christmas Eve.


She howled and executed the crime

Stabbed the man of the family, beat the lady, she’s aching

Ripping Christmas cards and tearing Christmas trees were her aim

She stood on the threshold and the house was burning.


She howled one more time which sounded like death

The family screamed and made the loudest cry

No hands outstretched, not even flowers in a wreath

There was only the wrecked home and the family asked why?


No Christmas carols sung, no presents wrapped

But there was the family faith for one more breath.

No Christmas card made, but love was built

On the fence of a family which can never be embraced by death.

-Soul In Surreal


Homeless families in Northern Samar, Philippines made tents as temporary shelter (photo taken from Facebook)