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She wore the crown and proudly waved the flag of her country. She was in her happiest moment, I believe. She knew that the crown was hers and she believed in it. She was in euphoria until… the crown was taken back and worn by another beautiful lady.

I am talking about the recently held Miss Universe 2015 which created noise over the internet.Everyone was surprised and was awestruck when Steve Harley, the host, went back on stage and apologized for having mistakenly announced Miss Universe 2015. Steve Harley showed the results and admitted his mistake and even took responsibility of the confusion that he made.

Netizens swam over social media sites and reacted to the honest mistake of Steve Harley. Some even bashed him for the mistake that he did not plan. It was not his intention to confuse the audience and gorgeous candidates, especially Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, so bashing him does not offer any significant help.

In a live telecast, errors are inevitable. There is so much excitement and enthusiasm. The error that Steve Harley did was unintentional and was completely a human error. Below is a picture of the card where the winners were displayed. At that moment when he mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015, he was holding his microphone with his left hand and the card with his right hand. Steve’s thumb of his right hand might have covered the word ‘Philippines’ in the card. One more speculation that I have is that, perhaps, Steve did not notice the word ‘Philippines’ which was at the lower part, on the other side of the card opposite to the side where two countries USA and Colombia were written. Maybe because of eagerness and excitement. These are just my opinion and I am not saying that these were the things that happened during that moment. Steve was very sorry about his mistake and let us not take it against him.

Photo taken from http://www.philstar.com


I feel really sorry for Miss Colombia. It was embarrassing and humiliating perhaps to have the crown worn but taken back in just minutes. It was painful, of course! Imagine yourself ALMOST getting the dream of you life. It is like, you are hungry and you are offered a pizza, but you cannot eat it, you can only smell it! It was a defining moment for her but in just a couple of minutes it was taken back. She was a victim by an honest and unintended mistake. But I salute her for being such a good sport and returning the crown in such poise. She even bent down to have the crown taken back by Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega and finally worn by Miss Philippines. She really is a gorgeous lady with a beautiful heart.

Yes, Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach was a victim herself too. The moment that should have been all hers as the most beautiful lady in the universe was taken from her by an unintended mistake. The moment was robbed from her and she may even be bashed by many netizens again even if the controversy was nobody’s fault. She was even confused when Steve clarified that she’s Miss Universe 2015. She did not even know how to react and what to do next. But, in the end, she stepped in front and claimed the crown that’s rightfully hers. In an interview, she said she did not want that to happen. She wished Miss Colombia well in anything that she wishes to pursue after the pageant.

The two stunning ladies were both victims of human error, and even Steve Harley himself was a victim. Nobody wanted this to happen. The host admitted his mistake, apologized and took responsibility of all that have been done. There is no one to blame. We just have to move on and congratulate Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for winning the crown and all the stunning ladies in the competition. Let Miss Universe unify all the people in the world across culture, time, and race. Let us stop hating each other and wish each other a happy life.

-Soul in Surreal