Few years ago, I was in awe exploring the world of the youth. I cannot say that I enjoyed it because there were tons of things to do in school. So, nothing much in my youth that I enjoy much, but I am fine with that. When I was young, I mean younger (using younger makes a difference), I did ask some adults why they lie about their age or they do not give the specific age at least. I believe that technically, I am neither a teenager nor an adult. But I can spot the difference. Here are some… so far.

You know you’re a grown up when:

  1. Your newsfeed in every single social media account is all about engagement, weddings, babies, baby showers, baby’s OOTDs,  baby’s first walk, first word, first book, first toy, first scratch, and first fart? 😀
  2. You opened Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all social media site, and all you see are your much much younger friends having house parties, school parties, garage parties, backyard parties, front yard parties, ‘everywhere’ parties, while you are there bleeding and cursing your desk and your computer monitor.
  3. Your weekends are like this: 
  4. Finally, you attended a party and this happened:

  5. You wrote a letter which says:

Dearest Nap,

I know I was cruel and mean to you when I was five years old. Can we bring back the old times? Is it too late now to say sorry?

I am still discovering things about the grown-up world now. I realized things the hard way, but some in a funny way. How was or is your grown-up journey so far?

-Soul in Surreal

(featured image from lifeasahuman.com)