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She was a dreamer. She dreamed big and small. She talked to stars and moon. She believed in dreams and yes magic! She read signs and believed in faith. She believed that the things that she desired will be hers as long as she believes. She believed in love and destiny. She believed that two people made for each other will never be broken apart come what may. She believed in soulmates. She believed that there is one man for her and that she has to patiently wait for him. She was a dreamer. She was a slave of love. She was a believer of the impossible. Yes, she believed in lies.


She spoke to the stars only to be shunned. She followed the moon only to be left behind. Honey-tongued words she gave, she was slapped back instead. Praises she offered, she was ignored instead. Then, she cried. She stumbled. Her heart was broken. Her soul, torn apart. She was alone. She was unhappy.

It was raining. She saw a family happily singing in a well-lit house. She saw children cheerfully dancing in the rain. She saw a couple exchanging sweet glances. Thunder roared and lightning struck. She thought to herself, life is unfair. Cliche. Yes, it is. Shallow. No, it’s not.

She glanced at the family one more time and she saw a shabby house. She looked at the couple and she just noticed that the woman was on a wheelchair and she could see she was sick- badly sick. She stared at the children playing and her eyes laid on a boy- crippled. She fell to her feet. She looked above. She was lost. She was in pain or more like regret. 

She was a dreamer. She was a believer. Her soul was torn. Her stars were unlit. She then believed that it was a lie- that life is a lie. Then suddenly, in just one glance, she now sees sun instead of stars. Now, she chases the moon instead of mere looking. Now, she finds the man instead of waiting. She died. She was brought to life. She’s not a believer anymore, because now, she is a worker.

-Soul in Surreal