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It’s a new year! Some of us are excited about what 2016 will offer. Some of us are fidgety about what may happen next year. While some of us, perhaps, do not care. Today is the last day of this year and the coming year might be a roller coaster, a bike ride, or perhaps a hoverboard ride, smooth and sailing (only if you know how to do it, which I do not know by the way). That is why people love to have new year’s resolution to reboot the past year and start a new life somehow. Funny, it may seem, but, the world is full of cliched new year’s resolution. I have listed five of them:

  1. I’m going to lose weight! This, I think, has become a maxim now. You have mentioned that since January 2000 and you can find that in almost everyone’s list of new year’s resolution. For weighing scale’s sake, do not just say it, do it! Of course, you will not lose pounds of weight in just one push up or one crunch up. You have to work on it. Exercise and watch your diet. By the way, I have a tip for you, hunger will make you ravenous, which will eventually lead to over-eating. So, do not starve yourself. By the way, lose weight firstly for your health, and okay, secondly to be more attractive.
  2. I’ll quit smoking/drinking too much alcohol. Okay, you said that years ago and there you are, drunk and holding a tobacco between your fingers, yes of course, it’s lit! Yes, I understand it is hard to quit smoking and yes you do not have to quit in just one snap. Perhaps, you can take away one cigarette in the total numbers that you usually have in a day. Then, perhaps, two weeks after, you can deduct two more cigarettes. By the way, drinking alcohol is not that bad, only you have to bear in mind Aristotle’s moderation.

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  3. I’ll procrastinate no more. But, you said this just one week ago, and there you are not minding to finish this article because you can bookmark this anyway and read this next time. I tell you this, the more you procrastinate, the more things you will not accomplish. Things that you need to do will just keep piling up until you are demotivated to do things and you will be devoured by laziness. Try to do the things that you need to do as soon as you have them. You will be surprised what you have accomplished after that.
  4. I am going to save. Oh, by the way, you said this in January 3, 2015, and guess what? You’re broke man! But, hey, cheer up! I think 2015 was a good year for learning. Try to manage your money well. Disciplining yourself is a bit hard especially when you are faced with great stress and all you want is to eat and especially during Friday nights and weekends. I am sorry, but you just got to be responsible in handling your hard-earned money. Think about the future, always!
  5. I will travel. Of course, not all new year’s resolution list is all about getting rid of the negative things that we did in the past years. It also includes positive things that you need to do next year. But, hey, you cannot do this unless you read and understood numbers 3 and 4.

2015 has been so exciting, fun, sad, joyful , disgusting, red and inflamed, and fearful rolled into one. I think I just mentioned Riley’s friends in the movie Inside Out. I watched it last night and it was awesome. Kidding aside, if we look at it, our life cannot be just about JOY. It is not just about happiness. As long as we live, we will always encounter anger, fear, disgust, sadness, and the like, perhaps, in different depth and intensity. This is the reason why we are always troubled if a new year comes because we need to change things drastically, which I believe we cannot. We have to go though a process whether you like it or not!

You can add in yours in the comment section. 🙂

Have a spectacular and wonderful year!

Thank you for reading!

-Soul in Surreal