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How did you celebrate your New Year? Perhaps, most of you, spent it with family, friends, or even dogs, or cats maybe. Whichever and with whom you celebrated it, one thing is for sure, a new year has just been revealed!

Every single year people all over the world celebrate a new year because for many people it opens up new hopes and new doors. Some, may even have traditions to follow in welcoming a new year. I have listed some of the many practices that I have encountered and experienced. You may call them weird, but I think of them as AWESOME!

  1. 13 lucky fruits. My mom, herself, will always have 13 fruits on her fruit tray, every single year, because she said it will bring abundance to our family. By the way, these fruits should be round-shaped and some believed, it should be sweet. This year, my brother’s family had a banana on their 13 lucky fruits because they say, this year is year of the monkey. I hope you get the logic behind that.
  2. Polka dots dress. There was one time when someone asked me, “How’s you new year’s celebration going?” I was confused because it was June of the year. Then, I realized I was in polka-dotted outfit. People say, wearing polka dot dresses or clothes will bring wealth, because the dots (or the circle) symbolize money- well, because a penny/coin is round. Some, even thinks of wearing stripes which symbolize money- paper money.
  3. No chicken meat on the table, please. Believe it or not, some people (including my mom, again) do not want chicken meat on new year’s eve. Simply because they do not want their year to be like how chickens, in general, live and survive which is one scratch, one peck.
  4. Throwing coins! It is believed that throwing coins will bring prosperity. The coins should be in a jar with rice or salt in it. In fact, some always put it in an aluminum jar or anything that makes noise. When 12 midnight strikes, the coins, with the rice/salt should be thrown starting from the front door or front gate. The moment the coins are thrown, people waiting for it will be in frenzy because they are going to be racing in getting coins. This year, my sister-in-law had chocolates and candies too inside the jar.
  5. Jumping when 12 midnight strikes. This is usually done by kids. They do this to make themselves taller in a new year. I did this until I was 16 years old!
  6. Burning of coconut leafstalks! I saved the best for last because as far as I know this is unique to my place. This is not even done nationwide. This is just done in my mom’s neighborhood. Every year, the youth in my hometown gathers dried coconut leafstalks and build it like a pyramid. When midnight strikes, it is burned and everyone enjoys at seeing it. Building this is passed on to different youth generations, because teenagers usually lead in building this. We are safe from fire accident because it is placed and built in an area far from houses and structures. This is always looked forward by the people in our place, both kids and adults. I haven’t witnessed the tradition this year because I celebrated my new year in the city and not in my mom’s house. I can share a picture of that to you:

This photos were taken last year when I celebrated my new year at my mom’s.



There are still many other practices that some people in different parts of the world have. They are cool, awesome, spectacular, noisy, fun, and weird!

I’d love to hear your not-so-ordinary traditions in welcoming a new year.

Have a prosperous new year everyone! 😀

-Soul in Surreal