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I’ll tell you a story of how I got crazy when I saw my blog on the front page of Google search.

I started my first ever blog post which is Newbie in Blogging: Starting from Scratch on December 2, 2015. I am new in blogging and I am still adjusting the ins and outs of blogosphere. I am so crazy about stats. Whenever I log in, I always check my stats. It may sound funny for you, but stats affect my mood. In fact, I can tell you the highest number of views and visits I got so far: 72 views, 4o visitors. You may laugh at me at how I record those. But they are not trite for me. They serve as my encouragement to blog much more. One view or one visit will even make me happy, how much more a follow!

I posted two blogs about new year. They are 5 Overused New Year’s Resolutions and Weird New Year Tradition. On January 2nd or 3rd, this I am not sure because of time zone matters,  I read a blog about search engines (I want to link that but I forgot the source, sorry. I’ll try to find it!). I learned that it is better to type first your headline in Google search engine before hitting publish to see how much competition there is. I checked my stats and checked the referrers. I found Google search engines to be one of my referrers! I was curious, then, I did the opposite of the blog that I read, that is, I typed in “new year’s resolution overused” and then bam! I saw my blog on the first page of Google! (Here’s a screenshot picture)

Of course, I was happy and excited! I still do not understand how I got into the first page, but believe it or not I was fidgety. (Now you can laugh!)

As I was writing this, I decided to go and ask google again, I typed in “overused new year traditions”. I was unaware at first that I combined the words in the headlines of my two posts  5 Overused New Year’s Resolutions and Weird New Year Tradition . I laughed, but I decided to screenshot it again and share it with you!


I was on the topmost of the first page! I was blushing! (Now, you can laugh again!)

I actually tried typing new year tradition or tradition, but I did not find my blog on the first page! (It’s okay, you can laugh at me one more time!) I believe that what you type in the search engine will affect (of course?) the results. Nevertheless, I am really happy and excited!

P.S. I added google communities and posted some of my blogs in two communities and it doubled up my views and visits. I also link my posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. They help blog traffic, in my experience as a newbie. Perhaps, you can try them too! And by the way, I do not hesitate to share my posts on Meet and Greets or Link Parties like Danny’s M&G and Opinionated Man’s M&G. There are still many out there!

I would love to know an explanation for this.

Happy blogging!

-Soul in Ecstasy (I mean Surreal) 😀