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PRECAUTION: The following poetry is unedited. If you wish to continue, prepare yourself. For what? That, I am not sure. If you do not wish to continue, no one is forcing you, trust me. That ends the precaution or caution (I do not even know the difference between those two). Now, should I say thank you because you read the precaution, at least? If yes, let me know.

I am in pain but no tears coming

Someone is choking and strangling me to death

I quickly dashed up or down the stairs, that, I am unsure

I don’t know her or maybe I do


I screamed my mom’s name

But I heard chirping birds

I asked for help and cried for mercy

but I heard crickets sound


I run as fast and as far as I could

But a large rock had me tripped, and fell, and stumbled,

I got blisters and wounds on my knees and knuckles

It was bleeding but not flowing


Someone asked me, “are you okay?”

“Should I be or should I be not?” I answered.

He said he doesn’t understand me

I replied, “Me neither”


I needed help but I declined offer

I needed shoulders but preferred pillows

I needed ears, but I shut my eyes

I needed a heart, but I offered mine instead.

-Soul in Surreal

(Photo from www.rentscouter.com)