Welcome to Soul in Surreal!

I was born and bred in the Philippines. I grew up with my mom and siblings in a hometown far from the frenzy of the city. I have a wonderful and happy family despite the absence of my dad who died because of myocardial infarction when I was 4 years old. I never felt incomplete. I am whole. My family made me whole and unbroken, until a stone was thrown at me and shattered me.

I have just taken on board the cargo of life, because living does not seem to show semblance to a cruise ship. As early as my age now, which I refuse to mention in definite numbers, I already have midlife crisis. I am in my point where I forget to eat my dinner, even to take my first step in the morning. Trust me, they are not trite as you think.

I am an ESL Instructor and a freelance writer. I am taking my Master in Education in Language Education at University of the Philippines. I embrace education and I celebrate learning and wisdom. I am a seeker of knowledge.

Welcome to Soul in Surreal! I know that there is no such thing as shortcuts in life. If we cannot make one, at least let’s make it easier and more comfortable. Welcome to my lifestyle blog! Let your heart go tender to the beautiful and ugly truths of the world. Let my words keep your spirits high by showing you the good and the downside of life. I’ll show you the bigger picture of living life in it’s prettiest, ugliest as well. This way, you’ll appreciate life even more. Embrace life, celebrate pain. After all, we survive because we live and we should live to survive!

P.S. I  am 23 years old. I realized I need to tell my age. What’s not to tell, anyway?

Enjoy reading! 🙂

-Soul in Surreal


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. “We survive BECAUSE we live….” There is something really profound in that. Nice writing. You sound like an old soul.

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  2. Stephen Paul said:

    Your blog is so nice…and the images are so cute…super blog keep it up.

    My blog related to health and fitness. i hope my blog also may be useful to you.

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